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Monday, February 2, 2009

Accelerating fast working my computer

Accelerating working my computer
Next there are tricks easy to overcome such a problem, not a little regret for the circumstances under which the computer up to date.
1. Minimize the time podići
A. Location Booting
By default, the computer will check Floopy first. Rubahlah into the BIOS by pressing Del done after the calculation of memory. Then on Device choose the option FirtsBoot hard disk on which you placed the operating system. For example "hard disk" In this way, the computer will not take more podići find a location, but directly to the hard drive where operating system is stored.

B. The component does not disable the use
All devices installed on the computer will take podići. Therefore reducing the right-click padaMy computer / properties / hardware and then click Device Manager, then select the components that are no longer used with the right click disable pililih ago
C. Decrease Font
The number of fonts also affect the process of booting. Use fonts that are required aja. Let not lost before you can delete the fonts make the save folder apart, a time when needed you can return again. How to remove a font, enter control panel, select the font and dispose of is not needed.

D. Eliminate Screen Loading
With the loading screen, you can also save a little time podići. I select the menu on the Start menu Run, then type msconfig, press Ok. After that the options / NOGUIBOOT give a check. Changes the display does not show the logo on the windows booting process, only a black screen.

E. Reduce Time After Booting
Finished booting, the process of introducing a computer network. This takes time, if you want to use the computer and the computer is not connected to the network, the way this feature is off the entry way with My Computer, select manage. Then expan Service and Application. Service on the list, double-click Workstation. And then on the dropdown box Star Up type select Disable.

2. Turn off / disable index services
Indexing Services is a small program but use the large memory computer easy. Disrupt computer can sometimes be more noise in the ring or disk access. Indexing Services is a function to update the list of computer files, the aim to speed up PC performance with the system of registration index file. If you do not need search a file too often, Indexing Services can be turned off with: Go to Start, Click Settings, Click Control Panel, double-click Add / Remove Programs, Click the Add / Remove Window, Components, Uncheck the Indexing services, Click Next.
3. optimism display settings with lower levels of the image.
Windows desktop look cool indeed interesting. But too many images will memaka source resource system. For off: go, Go to Start, Click Settings, Click Control Panel, Click System, Click Advanced, uncheck the costume of the following options (Show Shadows under menus, Show Shadows under the mouse pointer, Show translucent selection rectangle, Use the drop Shadows for icons labels on the desktop Use visual styles on windows and buttons, or is up to you).
4. Speed up the browser folder.
Each time you open a folder browser, but looks a little lag or delay. Karen Windows XP will find the right file and network printer while opening Windows Explorer. To fix you can turn off the facility with: Open My Computer, Click on Tools menu Click on Folder Options, Click on the View tab, Uncheck the Automatically search for network folders and printers check box, Click Apply, Click Ok,
5. Turn off the Service Not Need.
We recommend that service is service-disabled entrance is My Computer, select manage. Then expan Service and Application. Select that are not needed, and then on the dropdown box Star Up type select Disable.
6. Turn off the start-up .
A. Sign in start menu: Start / All Programs / Startup remove all items that are not needed.
B. Log In msconfig, how: Start / Run type msconfig, select Startup tab, remove all the check is not needed.
C. Clean regedit, how: Start / Run type regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run delete the entry-entry is not required
D. Clean the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run

7. Speed up the display menu.
Click the Start menu, select run, type regedit, windows registry editor will appear, then search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER. click the [+] to see submenunya. then select the control panel, select the desktop. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER [-]/= control panel [-] / desktop, Click menushowdelay, and fox with valuenya you like (the small number the more quickly). Restart the computer.
8. Disable System restore .
System restore can be useful if the computer problem, but all saved restore point you can take rooms in the big hard drive. System restore because the burden is always monitoring the system, with system restore mendisable then resorce some things can be allocated to the other. How to Control Panel, click System, click the System Restore tab, you check the 'Turn off System Restore on All Drives', and then click' Ok '.
9. Shutdown speed.
Tweaking this reduce the waiting time automatically when windows have received instructions to shutdown. How:
a. Start> Run, 'regedit', 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ WaitToKillAppTimeout''', then change the Value to be'1000 'and' Click 'OK'.
b. As with the first, in the Highlight 'HungAppTimeout,' Change the value to be'1000 'and click' OK '
c. 'HKEY_USERS \. Default \ Control Panel \ Desktop' highlight WaitToKillAppTimeout, 'then change the value to'1000,' and click 'OK'.
d. 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Contr ol \' highlight 'WaitToKillServiceTimeout', then change the value to be'1000 'and' Click 'OK'

10. Clearing the Prefetch Files .
to improve the performance of Windows.
Link2 you accumulate the more you can slow the computer significantly. Delete contents directory / prefetch folder. With the entry way in the c: windows / prefetch, and cleans everything.

11. Delete Iconchace.db
Icon on the desktop using the cache, and when the cache is then accumulate to access from the desktop icon feels very slow. That needs to be done is to mendelet Iconchace.db existing in the directory (/ Documents) and on (Settings / Username / Local Settings / Application Data). Previous rubahlah view with "show hidden files". When you mendelet, windows will automatically replace with the new.
12. enable non-Microsoft System Sounds .
By default MS sound systems to make computer beep / voice when booting the start, shutdown, error, etc.. Scenario sound so windows make the computer more slowly (especially in the beginning of the shutdown and booting), to me-disabled please follow these steps: Open the Control Panel, click Sounds and Audio Devices, Click the Sounds tab, Select "No Sounds" from the Sound Scheme, Click "No", Click "Apply", Click "OK".

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