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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indonesian anarchist shame of the world

Police Confirm Aziz Angkat beaten Massa

Medan (News) - Police make sure they have found indications of the beating of the Chairman of Legislative Sumut Angkat Aziz who died in action supporting the anarchic province of Tapanuli in building people's representative, on Tuesday (3 / 1).

Polda Sumut Kabid PR, Pol Kombes Baharudin Djafar Mapoltabes in Medan, on Wednesday night, said police got the information that was beating some people, not just by one.

For that, the police have issued a list of names supporting Tapanuli province that must be sought as to the beating.

"At least, there are two names that have made a beating," said the former Kapolres Dairi.

He added, though not officially receive the results of the corpse otopsi Chairman DPRD North Sumatra, but the police will follow up the discovery of information about this beating.

One effort is made to the Vice Chairman of DPRD North Sumatra, Hasballah Hadi who claim to see the beating of the Chairman of DPRD North Sumatra.

Police will also confirm this information to the parties present or in the building who know Sumut Legislative action is beating.

Polda Sumut expects to get witnesses and evidence is strong that the beating action can be processed by the law, he said.

Seribuan mass support in the province berunjukrasa Tapanuli DPRD North Sumatra, on Tuesday (3 / 2), enter into force with the main courtroom while carrying a coffin to meet representatives of the people who are in plenary meeting.

Chairman of the Legislative Sumut, Aziz Angkat menskor meeting and that he brought to the room and the Golkar Party faction dicaci-down, drag-and-drawn even need to receive inappropriate treatment of a number of people taste.

Allegedly because they did not hold a strong attack, the Secretary Aziz DPD Partai Golkar Sumut the sprawl and then to the hospital was Gleni International Medan but the soul does not help.

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