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Friday, February 6, 2009

Iran Capable of Rudal Reach Worldwide, The Russian Officials

Iran Capable of Rudal Reach Worldwide, The Russian Officials

Moscow (News) - The success of Iran launched a satellite with its own technology that rudal country is "able to reach all points on the world," a senior official says Russian outer sector, on Thursday.

"I lift the cap to the Iranian scientists," said Vitali Lapota, manager construction company RKK Energuia outer space, as quoted from the AFP news agency Interfax.

"They have showed rudal-rudal they can reach any point in the world."

The launch of Iran, Monday, on the satellite Omid (Hope) with a rocket made in the country sapphire-2 is a warning bell on the country-Western countries, because of the implications of the reach rudal balistik.

Some experts, Iran fears the U.S. may finally complete rudal-rudal balistik with upstream blom nuclear capable strike the U.S. or Europe.

The launch took place Monday at the moment when Iran did not heed the demands of the UN Security Council repeatedly in order to freeze the activities of The uranium.

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