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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News Planet Near earth

PARIS, - Satellite planet hunters French foreign owned, COROT, successfully recording a new planet outside the solar system. Size is not more than twice the size of Earth, and including foreign smallest planet ever found.

Planet mengorbit stars are similar, and possibly including the Sun-a-like planet Earth. Discovery of the planet, including solid surprising because, from the 300-an alien planet detected, almost all of a cloud of gas giant planet like Jupiter.

"For the first time we detect a coincidence that the planet Earth as berbatu. These are very important in order to understand the formation and evolution of our planet," said Malcolm Fridlund, COROT's Chief of scientists to the European Agency (ESA).

Objects that are named CoRot-Exo-7b is located so close to the parent star which is located 457 light years from Earth (1 light year is equivalent to 9.5 trillion kilometers) so that the surface burned. In the surface temperature is estimated to be so hot incandescent lava or water vapor with a high concentration between 1000 to 1500 degrees Celsius.

The planet may be composed of half rock and half water. So, if the planet is worth the "planet sauna" considering how much heat in the surface temperature. With the temperature of that, said life almost impossible.

The astronom and France to the European Agency (ESA) to detect the existence of the planet during the transit position. COROT telescope brought detect light flicker due to movement in front of the planet bintangnya. CoRot-Exo-7b through which the track is very fast. One year there is equivalent to 20 hours on Earth.

With this technique, the astronom can estimate the size of the planet. The planet is a gas planet is not clear, although not yet known massanya. However, it is estimated between 5.7 to 11 Earth masses.

A black hole (black hole) in the galaxy was detected near the galaxy from the Milky Way. Black hole may kembaran black hole in the galaxy where our solar system is located.

Galaxy called NGC 253 is a spiral galaxy that contains a lot of stars and dust, the sky is dense. Because of the location in the constellation Sculptor, the galaxy also called the Sculptor galaxy. Galaxy is also called the galaxy because starbust that many stars in it.

Astronom from the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canaries in Spain with a successful record second galaxy by using the adaptive optics instruments on the telescope giants Vlt (very large telescope) owned Eso (European Southern Observatory) in the Atacama desert, Chile. Equipment is equipped with optical instruments and mirror the effect of blur due to refraction in the atmosphere so that the telescope's ability terestrial this is equivalent to the space telescope.

"Observations we produce detailed images that are far more clear," said Juan Antonio Fernandez-Ontiveros. From the picture, the astronom found 37 regions that are bright in one narrow area in the center of galaxy.

Stars of the meeting is to gather in one area that represents only one percent of large galaxy. In these regions may be central to the birth of stars form in the cloud of dust which is very dense.

In addition, the results of monitoring combined with the measurement of waves and the image of Hubble space telescope shows the activity of radio waves which is very high in these regions. The researchers believe in the center of this galaxy there is a radio wave emission source as Sagittarius A galaxy near the center of Bima Sakti terbentuknya is a black hole.

"We may find we kembaran central galaxy," says Almudena Prieto. The finding is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Academy Society Letters teranyar edition.

Black hole is a mystery of nature that is estimated to form from stars that have very large die because all the energy spent. When the center is not a stimulus to the outside, the walls collapse and the stars are interesting objects in the surrounding areas. Strength of the gravity of black holes is very large even interesting in the light. Black hole darkness and only detected radio waves from the events and objects that are visible mengelilinginya.

According to NASA, galaxy NGC 253 is located on the distance of about 13 million light years from Earth (not 11 light years as previously written). A prominent galaxy in the constellation Sculptor has a wide expanse 70,000 light years. 1 light year is equivalent to 9.5 trillion kilometers.

A strange planet that is 190 light years from Earth changes in temperature extremes are far beyond the changes in the Earth's climate. Not how, temperature 700 degrees Celsius rise in just six hours.

Planet of the HD80606b name was kind of a gas planet, such as the Planet Jupiter, the surface temperature of the heat. Oval-shaped orbit orbitnya orbit like a comet against the sun so that at the time be in a certain distance is very close to the star that dikelilinginya.

Orbit on the distance of the average temperature around 526 degrees Celsius. However, when approached with bintangnya distance 10 times closer than the distance to the sun Planet Merkurius temperature increased up to 1226 degrees Celsius due to heat radiation that emanated Sun surface to 800-fold increase from when the planet is located in the innermost orbit.

Temperature changes very quickly produces heat waves are very high in the surface followed by heat shock that will convulse the entire planet surface. Recording time surface coal recorded clearly using Spitzer space telescope.

"This is the first observation of weather changes in foreign planet outside solar system," said Gregory Laughin, astronomy science professor from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Current changes in temperature extremes is repeated every 111 days according to time revolusinya. Plant HD80696b can be seen from Earth in the constellation of big bear (Ursa Major).

On 14 February 2009, a foreign planet will pass between Earth and the stars dikelilinginya. At the position is called the transit, the astronom opportunity mengamatinya as a black spot moving.

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