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Sunday, February 22, 2009

doomsday, downfall, destruction in 2012?

After a walk to various parts of the world in the virtual world, I found an article that makes my forehead wrinkled. What is Calamity will happen in 2012? I have brothers opinion about this. Later news santer end of time falls on 21 December 2012. Many parties commented. From scientists, seer, to discuss the many celebrity figures beautiful 21/12/2012.Various books about the Day of Resurrection is published. The Head of Science Center Antariksa Sri Kaloka Prabotosari said, actually "come" that occurred in 2012 is the peak of solar activity cycle. This is happening every 11 years. "The activity on the sun that the sun will emit radiation and radiation-particles and also waves elektromagnetik," Sri said in Jakarta recently. From abroad, Laurence E. Joseph in the 2012 book Apocalyopse, 21/12/2012 is the point behind the annual winter. At that time, the northern point on the Earth is farthest from the sun. All these phenomena will in theory cause a number of natural disasters in the near time. Uniquely, scientific predictions are consistent with this prediction-old prediction. One of the nation based on the Maya calendar. Maya nation is a group of people estimated to stand since 1800 BC in the area of southern Mexico. Maya calendar of the nation be predicted, on 12 December 2012 the energy flow from the Earth to the Milky Way will be disrupted. This is because shocks occur in the Earth rotation. Maya nations believe that this will damage the balance of vital mechanism Earth. Including all the creatures penghuninya. Input events of the universe can not be debated this a number of Paranormal country. Mama Lauren, for example. Women who are able to predict the future of this claim can not afford to see a picture that will occur after 2012. Mama Lauren resume, that at this time is called the iron age (the era of iron), which will end in 2012. After that, enter the golden era (golden age). During the transition from the second period this will be a variety of disaster victims who ate a lot of people. "If I do the laundry, cleaning of the Lord," said Mama. Meanwhile, Ratna Listy Sure do not want to predict. According to the artist that is known has the ability to see the future, the time of Resurrection is God's secret. According to Ratna, only God had the right set. "Would I predict sombongnya if proved true," said Ratna. Indeed, Ratna not gainsay that a number of marks the end of the age is showing. One is the appearance of children "smart" or called indigo. Sedari small, indigo children God has blessed ability to predict. False indigo is a son of Naomi Angela. Sons well gempal this mengamini that in 2012 there will be a series of disasters. "Yes I see that more than kacaunya bygones. If it is combined in a single year is a lot of victims," said Naomi. However, Naomi deny combination of disasters as of Resurrection. May be, it's "only" come small. "At some point in indonesian, it will be," said Naomi warns. Obviously, forecast earth porak poranda this comment to invite the celebrities. Zaskia Mecca does not choose to believe in the unique number 21/12/2012. He chose that relying on natural signs. Similarly, Chelsea Olivia. As a Christian nation, Chelsea prefer to believe in biblical prophecy. But, if it can hope, Chelsea do not want to come out in the near future. "Do not get used to, not married," said the Chelsea star sinetron this. Some choose pasrah lai on God. If indeed the year of Resurrection, is the provision of God. Pesinetron Adly Fayruz Teuku Vishnu and also select the issues come about as a booster spirit approach to self Almighty. "It was a motivation to be more diligent I worship," said Adly. (Zq)

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Anonymous,  June 24, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

Kalispera from GREECE welcome too

Anonymous,  June 24, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

Kalimera from GREECE welcome too

Lolids Here July 29, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

Sob, kalo ngasih elemen sroll di koment kayak gini,gimana? thx b4

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