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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stone Magic Power (10 years child in Indonesia)

Jombang - Although the queue of thousands of patients have been victims swallow two people, Muhammad Ponari (10) - traditional home child Hamlet Kedungsari, Balongsari, Megaluh, Jombang, Jombang Regency - will remain open practices. He also rejected the police intention to move the practice of house parents.

According Kapolres Jombang AKBP Moh Khosim, actually he want treatment can be done more quickly with the location of treatment to the local village hall. However, he said, Ponari decline.

"With treatment dipindahkannya location to the village hall, the flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles village can be arranged more smoothly, but Ponari decline," said Kapolres.

Be like, since last weekend about two thousands of people throng to the house shaman, who is believed to cure various diseases. Queue power shaman Tiban hope this eventually be fatal Rumiadi (58), of Kediri, and Nurul Niftadi (42), of Jombang.

The existence of Ponari as magical healer began to hear about since two weekends ago. This kid after class III SD is to find the stone at hand sekepalan be struck lightning when playing under the heavy rain about three weeks ago.

Miraculous stone was used to treat. Way, the stone is inserted in a glass of white water, and water to those given to the sick. Because kesaktian stone property Ponari of that, many people came treatment. Until then the two patients died because of lethargy mengantre long. Police also closed while the practice Ponari (Surya, 2 / 2).

Temporary closing of the traditional practice of making this child disappointed thousands of visitors, Monday (2 / 2). Patients who do not know the existence of the temporary closure came to Hamlet Kedungsari blind since morning.
However, the mass of visitors who come mostly from outside the city eventually bite finger. Once the gang would go to the main house Ponari, they stopping a number of youth who claim to treatment Ponari committee.

Young men to prevent the visitors enter the reason for the end of the alley paving is restored so that the medication is stopped temporarily. "If the repair is completed, treatment will be done again," said Wanto, one of the committee.

Wanto then give the number to be contacted ponselnya visitors who will want to request information about the certainty of whether the practice is Ponari again. Patients who want treatment only finally get mobile number Wanto.

Muhajir, Nganjuk citizens, that treatment can not be disappointed. "Far-far away from the Nganjuk mengobatkan I wanted my mother who has been ill for many years asthma," said Muhajir who intend to come again if already Ponari back the practice.

Damage severe

About 50 meters from the end of the alley leading to the house was damaged Ponari worse. That also makes a queue of vehicles and thousands of people waiting to turn the treatment to be very long so that the thrust.

According Wanto, repairing village roads was funded from parking revenue vehicle managed the treatment committee. However, he can not itemize the estimated cost of the required amount.

"We try to this way of good. To take our cost of parking, "said Wanto.

He does not guarantee the contents of the box to take the charity donated to Ponari patients. "Kotaknya until now has not been opened. That's right Ponari and their families, "said Wanto.

During this Ponari each treat many patients refuse paid. He would only receive an average of Rp 2000 to include in a special box.

Improvements to the road entrance to the house Ponari the requirements of the police before Ponari again allowed to receive the patient. The goal is that the mass flow of vehicles and smoothly in order to avoid more victims fall thrust due time in line waiting to turn.

"Principally, we do not make the treatment. We are only trying to help set the more smoothly and the victim does not happen, "said Kapolres Khosim.
He also requested that queue mechanism repaired more efficiently. "We recommend that the system applied to the queue number. Who came first were given numbered tickets, and called, "said Kapolres.

Ponari refused to move because the practice, give the police the practice of requirements can be opened again after the road improvement completed. "I hope in two-three days have been completed and the treatment can be started again," said Kapolres.

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