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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wait 28 petition Resignation Speech SBY

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) will deliver plenary speeches related to the Parliament about Century Bank. The petition requested that 28 of the speech SBY submit his resignation as a form of responsibility.
"SBY should resign. As president he was the most responsible. The President should know and be responsible for the actions of his men," said activist Petition 28, Haris Rusly, in a press conference in Cafee shaman, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 3 / 2010).
Harris also requested that Sri Mulyani and Boediono back. This group provides a week for three to withdraw.

"If you do not retreat, we will take action to house SBY, Boediono and Sri Mulyani. It's no longer on the court or the Ministry of Finance," he explained.
Harris decided to assess what is right perfect. Case Century Bank bailout also been declared false by the CPC and the Parliament, it has a strong legal basis.

"We are waiting for SBY's resignation speech," he concluded.

Petition of 28 scheduled to be held together watching SBY speech today, at 19:00 on Jl Pejambon area, Central Jakarta.

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