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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Want to See the Sword of the Prophet? See here !!!

For those of you who want to see the direct legacy of the objects of the prophets, you can come to the exhibition Sword of the Prophet which was held at the City Mall Thamrin, Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya, Tanah Abang, Jakarta. The exhibition was held from March 7 until 6 April next.
In this exhibition remains on display 15 objects of the prophets. From the historic legacy of 15 objects on display prophets such, six of them in the form of a sword.
There are sword Al Battar that the Prophet never used to fight the U.S. David King Nimrod. This sword is also known as the Sword of the Prophet for hereditary used by the Prophet David, Prophet Yahya, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad.
There is also the sword of the Prophet Muhammad, Al Ma'thur made of gold and decorated by hundreds of natural stone.
In addition to these historical objects, also exhibited a trace left foot when Prophet Muhammad did Isra 'Mijraj, and a pair of sandals made of prophet camel leather.
Not only that, from this exhibition visitors can also see the bow directly Prophet Muhammad who was given by one of the emperor of China.
However, these objects are not the original object remains a prophet. This object is a duplicate or replica made like the original.
"This we take directly from the museum in Turkey through its embassy in Indonesia," said chief organizer of the Pyramid Communication, City Gledi Muliandadi Thamrin, Jakarta March 7, 2010.
In bringing the body of this legacy of the prophets, Thamrin City to work with Pyramid Communications and fully supported the Turkish Embassy in Jakarta.
Meanwhile, according to Chief Operation Officer, Second Officer said that in addition to Wijoyo campaign Thamrin City Mall, this exhibition is intended to provide education to the community. Because, most people assume only the legacy of the Arab prophet alone.
"In Turkey there are very many relics of the prophet," he said.
To see the direct objects of this relic of the prophets, the visitors collected only Rp 15,000 entry fee for a regular day and Rp 20,000 for Saturday and Sunday.
Exhibition space consists of three rooms. The first room, visitors were treated to a movie that tells the history of Salahudin Al Ayubi, which is one of Islam leader who was revered in his day, both in the Muslim or any other religion. Salahudin is one of those instrumental in collecting objects legacy of the prophets.
In the second room, visitors will see directly the objects of the Prophet's legacy of ancient times. Besides can see objects directly heritage visitors can also read the literature about the origins of why these things get to Turkey.
Last space is the space size, in this room visitors can take photos with the background and the sword Qadib Al Al Ma'thur.

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