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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Israeli army killed three Girls Gaza

Jerusalem - Israel admitted that one of tanknya have killed the three girls crying in his father's direct broadcast television and the viewers of Israel of Israel in the last days to the Gaza offensive.

But his actions Israel is not guilty of murder as this makes sense.

One investigation that Israel was armed Forces (IDF) found evidence that the two-tank gun was an apartment in the izz el-Deen Aboul that aish on 16 January, two days before finish attack Israelke the occupied Gaza Strip Hamas.

"Investigation performed at many levels, conclusion shows that the two have been released from under a IDF tank which resulted in the death of the children of women Dr Aboul aish," the IDF statement.

This is the first of four investigations that been Israel to prove tudingan war has shut Gaza civilians who reached the number 700 of a total of 1300 people who died.

Israel accuse Hamas has been using civilians as a shield and living wage attacks from areas densely population.

January 6 shooting against more than 40 Palestinian citizens who attempt to seek refuge in a school the United Nations has been the world be censured, but the case of death of children dokterlah that the girls would get more media attention Israel.

In a statement authorized, IDF revealed that the army in a combat area dense population near the doctor's house, to see a Hamas fighter in the top of the apartment building.

"During the attack troops back from Israel, people have been identified as suspicious in the room more than the place the apartment Dr Aboul aish dikira and as a guide for a precise shot Hamas pemeluncur and mortar," the IDF.

"Commander ordered troops to shoot. As a result of fire (tank) this is the third daughter of Dr. Aboul aish dead. Following the shooting shouting (women) ... and there IDF immediately stop all fire."

Warning time

Aboul aish says he already knew that from the beginning of the third daughter was killed by Israeli tank shellfire.

"Thank God the truth has been revealed," said the Arab genekolog smart Hebrew.

Cry hoarse seeking the help of Channel 10 in Israel have been broadcast in the main news bulletins broadcast that night when he was calling the tv presenter is Israel. This action makes the hearts of the audience miris Israel.

"I always believe this case I get justice," said Aboul aish to Reuters via telephone from a hospital where some of Israel from the other family members treated for injuries.

Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he wept when hearing the cry pain doctor to know when three children lost gadisnya.

While recognizing the people have to shoot civilians, IDF said that before the incident occurred, Dr Aboul aish have been contacted personally by the officer before leaving the house of Israel. Thousands of leaflets have also been warning be in the district, the statement added.

"IDF grieve over the injury befall the family Aboul aish, but at the same states that the consideration under the uproar over the war, military action and an apartment building fire on a decision that is reasonable."

Israel ofensifnya swing on December 27 with the express purpose end rocket attacks for years from Gaza city to their south.

The death of hundreds of civilians does not seem to make the support of the people of Israel to the Gaza offensive against meluntur, because they see more finish rocket attacks from Gaza that the uncertainty of future missile attacks have also been off the ends of all opportunities.

Israel lost eleven soldiers and three civilians during the war 22 days ended on January 18 where both Hamas and Israel announced a unilateral cease-fire.

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