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Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick Research for More Traffíc

           To get visitors to your webpage you really need to know what keywords people will type into the search engines to find the service or product your specific site or webpage offers. Clearly one of the most beneficial ways to generate more traffíc to your site is to create backlinks to it. Backlinks from relevant sites helps to boost your page rank and can even get your website, or a particular webpage, showing on the first pages of a Google search for that keyword.

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Now you don't want just any old backlinks but ones that contain specific keywords you have optimized a particular page, blog or website for.

Lets say your website is about "dog training". A common and highly sought after keyword, but one that a new or even established site is going to find hard to be ranked high for. Now we all know that trying to get a webpage ranked in Google for one of the primary search terms is a real challenge. Those keywords are in effect, out of the range of most marketers, both in time and money resources to try to rank for.

So the best possible way to raise search results and rank in your niche is to select secondary keywords that still get a lot of searches but don't eliminate you from the possibility for ranking for them. Stick with me here because this isn't as hard as you were perhaps ** lead ** to believe.

Now the first thing you should do is to narrow down the keyword(s) that you want to build or optimize a webpage for. You can do this very easily by going to the following website SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool and typing in a primary keyword in the search box.

In the results that show, you are going to get a good líst of the highest searched for keywords related to the primary keyword you entered in the search box. You will also find a lot more information presented that can really help you narrow down your selection. You are looking for phrases that contain part or all of the primary keyword that you started your search with.

The next thing you must do is determine what keywords are being used successfully to market products, services or websites online. To do this, I suggest you use the Google Adwords search term tool.

You can simply copy and paste a keyword from the líst into the form, hit enter and get a listing of keywords based on the one you input and also provide a líst of additional keywords to consider that expands the possibilities even further.

Most importantly you will see a listing of keywords followed by a box filled in with the color green.

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At this point, my suggestion to you is that you choose a keyword that has good monthly search quantity but whose box [colored in green] is only about half or less green. Less green means there is less competition for that particular keyword phrase.

Now we want to measure the link building competition for a keyword in Google's search engine by selecting a keyword from the above líst and placing the phrase in the Google search box using the specific search operator: inanchor:"your keyword goes here"

Being that we are narrowing our keyword to a specific one you want to be sure to include the quotation marks before and after the keyword. If you use the inanchor operator without the quotation marks, it will give results for every page that contains every word in the phrase you entered individually or together, instead of the specific phrase, and doesn't narrow the pages down to relevant ones that you would be directly competing for on that particular keyword phrase.

Using the inanchor operator with the quotation marks will show the results (pages or links) shown (at top right of page) that contain the exact keyword phrase. These are sites already using that "keyword search term" on their webpages.

Note: you can find a full description of all google search operators at:

After you find a suitable keyword with good search volume and minimal competition and build a webpage around it, you can begin creating backlinks to that page using several resources. Your backlinks should be from high traffic sites because they usually get spidered for new information regularly by the search engines looking for new content and links.

Here are some suggestions:
* Post to forums with your sig file containing the link to your webpage
* Leave a comment on blogs
* Write and submit articles

Be sure that somewhere you include the specific search term that you have optimized your webpage for and the link to that specific page. Is there an easier way to create backlinks without having to spend hours and hours of your time doing it?

Yes, there are automated sites and systems to help with creating backlinks. Just be sure the systems mesh with your needs and don't send up red flags to the search engines.

Source : Ed Duvall

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