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Sunday, February 1, 2009

ways that blog page look more professional, sincere blogger

ways that blog page look more professional, sincere blogger

If we become a new blogger, (including me) certainly happy to find and add a widget, banner cakep, etc. unique. In fact there is a Tips and Tricks you can use to assess how that has profesionalkah / blog owner. The addition of widgets and accessories on the blog page and create a fun blog page will look very beautiful. But you know there are some things that should be avoided on the blog page so that you look more professional. (try renungkan) Why should the pageview Professional? page with a good user interface is the main thing, whatever the first time in this world that's seen is if the first impression is not clear whether it will affect visitors to your blog. (wah kayak ad ax) in the assessment of the reality of each person and vary relative but not one of us is trying to go towards kesempurnaan.Ah long if it Reviews, yuk have read 20 point / way below ...
Still remember a few months ago, when I first created a new blog. Widget and many accessories that I install on my blog page, I think that after-thought to what all of that if there is no relationship at all with my blog and never thought that my blog Professional look to reach that goal because it is not easy and takes time . to all the above tips, I will share how to make your blog page look more professional look and contain and what should be avoided on your blog page.

17 tips that blog pages look more professional:

1. Make checks several pages at a different web browser: Display your page so pretty in the firefox browser but not necessarily good in the browser IE or Opera or another browser. Remember your blog visitors to not only use one browser only. you try to do is check with a different browser, eg: Firefox, Flock, Mozilla, IE, Opera, Safari.

2. Color choices on the blog: Elections are color-hard difficult easy taste all depends on the blog. Do not be too selfish, select the appropriate color theme with your blog. try if you think your blog about religion with the choice of the color black, not visible awkward! mostly black and more likely to underground sites that theme.

3. Avoid Install Time: Ask yourself what's the hour to install on your blog, if only as a reminder of time or to beautify the page should not need to use, what's the hours on the taksbar windows. that will clearly make your page load more weight.

4. Avoid tide calendar: What's the windows calendar? people need information from your blog not want to see the calendar. a calendar information which I mean public calendar, the calendar is displaying a post (usually a lot of use wordpress)

5. Avoid pairs of fixed number of visitors: blog, if you do not use the number of new visitors (counter), this will result in a poor assessment of your blog. although some service providers to provide a counter facility to manipulate and increase the number of visitors it manually, try to think you made a new blog has reached 100,000 visitors to what is possible?.

6. Do not ask miserably to click on ads: avoid the word "click the ads under this or any language that asks your visitors to click on ads. up to now there are some blogs that do this (sorry if your blog is included in this case) who is in this world who are like, No menyuruhpun your visitors will click on the ads if they are useful gai.

7. Do not install into the ad: Ads that many are very profitable, but do not fill up your page only ads and ads. Advertise duly and know your visitors are risih with the ad telihat exceed the capacity of the content of your blog page.

8. Avoid installing the songs on the blog: In addition to make a blog page that displays the weight of the song does not seem quite professional, and seemed quite sorry relic (jadul). No matter if you blog about music or a personal blog, but to block business kayanya less suitable.

9. Showing a visitor status IP: Blog spy program is not your vagina, so better do not have installed so that visitors do not feel the eyes-matai.

10. Install widgets that do not have a blog hubunganganya: Adding widgets is fun, but if there is not even related to your blog seemed strange. attach according to the widget needs only.

11. Do not just Copy-Paste: I do not forbid you to do Copy-Paste, if carried out should also fix the code scriptnya, weary toil esteem karna if the author actually only copy-paste the writings will not look neat and it is likely that the picture will not be displayed.

12. Note the punctuation: Note any posts if you are correct punctuation. Error in a semicolon will result in only have a different meaning.

13. Do not use the big picture: The image is set off the page, the image so large boomerang make your page loading. clear that your blog will be ignored for a while when loading page is running.

14. Dead link check: Links are dead will not preferred readers, readers do not just search engines also do not like this. Make checks dead link as often as possible, many tools on the internet that can do this task.

15. Do not post the article too many other people: This will get a bad response from readers, karna think readers will be better to read kesumbernya directly.

16. Always attach the name of the article: Blog of professional weary toil always respect other people, who clearly does not serve the name of your prejudice the award up a bit weary toil of others that make you look more professional.

17. How to respond to comments that either: Do not ever be menggurui, esteem wise with all the comments even though there was some comment that frustrating. Remember! blog where people pour all the ideas and thoughts so sure all those who have different opinions.

18. Hopefully there are any posts on the benefits.

19. The note above if there is a wound you, the humble author apologize.

20. Let's try together ...

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